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ZOTAC ZBOX ID83 Plus Mini-PC Review

by Stuart Davidson - 29th January 2013
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ZOTAC ZBOX ID83 Plus Mini-PC Review

Real World Performance - Media Encoding / Playback / GPU Computing

Media Conversion: Our music conversion test takes a 2CD lossless album and converts it using dBpoweramp into 128Kbps Mp3 format. dBpoweramp is a multi-threaded application which allows us to convert a track on each core/thread, at any one time.

Benchmark Results

GPU Computing: As we noted earlier in the review the ZBOX series allow us, when used with the correct software, to take advantage of GPU acceleration in tasks which are normally performed on CPU only. One such piece of software is Cyberlink MediaExpresso.

Benchmark Results

Media Playback: One of the many tasks consumers regularly perform on their systems is watching streaming content such as video on YouTube. Of course like any other media source YouTube also allows us to watch high definition video and with the latest browsers our GPU can assist in processing the playback.

Benchmark Results

On the last page we saw a number of tests which showed the two systems to be reasonably close in performance with the Sapphire winning some and ZOTAC winning the others. Those looking closely at the PCMark result will have noted that on CPU based tests the ZBOX had an edge though and that proves to be the case on these three tests with a clear win in each area for the ID83... media conversion or playback the i3 CPU and loves them.

What about gaming though?
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