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ZOTAC ZBOX ID83 Plus Mini-PC Review

by Stuart Davidson - 29th January 2013
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ZOTAC ZBOX ID83 Plus Mini-PC Review

Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution was tested at 1280x720 with all game settings at their minimum.

Benchmark Results

Hitman: Absolution settingsHitman: Absolution settings

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Starting out the gaming tests in this review we decided to really push the systems with an up to date title and looked to play at a resolution which would be reasonably well suited to HDTV use, 1280x720. On the whole we could play Hitman on the Edge VS8 but it was on the minimum detail level and there were some stutters in framerate along the way. The ZBOX didn't fare quite as well though and would need the resolution dropped to achieve playable framerates.

Here is an example of how the game looks at our initial tested settings.

Hitman: Absolution screenshot

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