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Dell XPS One 27 inch with Touch All-in-one (2710) Desktop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 31st January 2013
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Dell XPS One 27in All-in-one Desktop Review

Power Use and Temperatures

To test the temperature and power use of the system we let the system idle at the desktop for 15 minutes and then took a reading for each aspect. Load tests were performed after 15 minutes of Prime95 and Furmark running the CPU and GPU at 100%.

  Idle Load
Dell XPS One 27 - Power 77w 202w
Dell XPS One 27 - CPU Temp 49°C 101°C
Dell XPS One 27 - GPU Temp (Nvidia) 38°C 80°C
Dell XPS One 27 - HDD Temp 31°C 33°C

In this review it has very much been a case of so far so good for the XPS One 27" and the power/thermal tests begin well too with the system using 77w at the desktop, topping out at 202w when we stress the CPU and GPU to 100%. Idle temperatures were also good however when we stress the CPU at 100% load it does generate a lot of heat in this compact chassis and the fan kicks in to a noticeable level to try and knock it down.
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