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Dell XPS One 27 inch with Touch All-in-one (2710) Desktop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 31st January 2013
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Dell XPS One 27in All-in-one Desktop Review

The Dell XPS One 2710 - Software and OS

Software Software

The XPS One 27" arrives with Windows 8 pre-installed and this is the 64-bit edition. Our WEI score is 5.8 (desktop graphics) with the other scores higher.

Software Software

No updates were installed by Dell at the factory however they do add some software which includes Cyberlink's Media Suite, and Windows Essentials along with an Office trial. Thankfully they also go with Microsofts in-built anti-virus/security software rather than a bloat filled alternative.

Software Software

Finally also present on the system is a small tutorial application which talks new users through some key aspects of Windows 8.
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