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Plextor M5M mSATA SSD Review

by Stuart Davidson - 5th February 2013
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Plextor M5M mSATA SSD Review


When building a mSATA SSD Plextor could be forgiven for cutting a lot of corners when compared to their desktop drives. They could have, but didn't. From the controller used to the branded chips, we get quality parts here, just like the desktop equivalent and it is great to see that these mSATA models are even tested at the factory to the same high standard as the 2.5" versions.

In terms of performance there is little to fault here. We get the same great read speeds as desktop models, up near the limit of SATA 6GB/s and write speeds are impressive for an mSATA device. In fact they are more than a leap ahead of previous generation parts, exceeding the speeds possible on SATA 3GB/s.

With speeds that pretty much match the M5 Pro 128GB the M5M 128GB retails at around £5 less (£92) with a 3-year warranty. Hard to fault that price for a drive which will offer exceptional performance in the latest laptops, or desktops with mSATA slot.

Product Award
Scan.co.uk - £92.54

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