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Razer Blade (R2) Gaming Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 8th February 2013
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Razer Blade Gaming Laptop with LCD Review

Real World System Performance - Crysis 3 Beta

Testing was performed at 1280x720 with low in-game settings.

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

Crysis 3 SettingsCrysis 3 Settings

Probably the most taxing test in this review Crysis 3 offers some spectacular visuals but we still expect some work to be done on the drivers in advance of launch to bring up performance. By the time the game hits shelves... or desktops... we would expect 1280x720 with low detail to be completely playable on the Blade.

Here is an example of the image quality when playing at our tested settings.

Crysis 3 screenshot Crysis 3 screenshot
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