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FUNC MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review

by Stuart Kerley - 28th February 2013
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FUNC MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review

FUNC MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review

FUNC, a Californian based company, recently went through a bit of a revamp and revival. Having been relatively quiet for a number of years toward the end of 2012 they re-launched with a new range of gameplay surfaces the Surface 1030.

Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at their first gaming mouse in their new range, the MS-3. The MS-3 is a 10 button large gaming mouse with a unique thumbzone button configuration and we are keen to see if it lives up to the quality reputation that FUNC have for their products.

Packaging and Bundle

FUNC MS-3 box FUNC MS-3 box

FUNC package the MS-3 in a medium size white box, which like the rest of their product range is reasonably plain on the front cover. Flipping the box over we find a large graphic of the MS-3 along with a highlight of the key features of the mouse.

FUNC MS-3 box

The box in which the MS-3 is supplied has a flip cover on the front, allowing us to see the mouse as it is housed in a clear plastic sleeve. It is here we get our first glimpse of the MS-3, and that it is a considerable size.

FUNC MS-3 bundle

Provided along with the mouse we have a driver and software disc and a product manual. It is nice to see a software disc as most companies these days just refer the consumer to their website where we have to download the latest drivers and configuration software.

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