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SteelSeries APEX [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Review

by Stuart Davidson - 5th March 2013
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SteelSeries APEX [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Review

SteelSeries APEX [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Review

With their 7G keyboard SteelSeries created one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards, in fact that makes it one of the best gaming keyboards, full stop. (Groan) The same base design was used on the 6Gv2 which was equally simple yet performed excellently. SteelSeries don't just do mechanical though as their hugely flexible SHIFT range demonstrated... with its completely removable/replaceable keyboard section.

Recently SteelSeries announced the APEX range of keyboards and the RAW Edition landed on our desk recently. With numerous extra buttons, backlighting and low profile keys it looks to find a balance between functionality and cost which will appeal to gamers on a budget.

Packaging and Bundle

SteelSeries package the APEX RAW in a box which gives a very clear image of the product as well as listing a few key features. Inside we find a second, thicker, box with the keyboard wrapped in a plastic bag. Underneath the keyboard are the manual, a SteelSeries sticker and two replacement feet which change the angle of the board from seven degrees to ten.

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