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Crucial M500 Solid State Drive (960GB) Review

by Stuart Davidson - 9th April 2013
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Crucial M500 SSD 960GB Review

Crucial M500 Solid State Drive (960GB) Review

Other than price, which is constantly falling, there is one factor which often seems to stop consumers from moving to a SSD... capacity. That is the reason we have seen the introduction of hybrid systems and cache drives. These products are designed to give the user some benefits of both traditional models and SSD but they don't match the performance of a true stand-alone solid state device.

Today we see Crucial attempt to drive the SSD market forward with the introduction of a SSD which has a capacity up to 960GB (so the best part of 1TB) while maintaining a price point which competes with 512GB models from the likes of Samsung and OCZ. Can the new M500 compete in performance as well as cost? In a selection of synthetic and real world tests we find out.

Packaging and Bundle

The M500 box The M500 bundle

Crucial stick with familiar branding on their M500 SSD and on the front we get a clear image of the drive as well as the capacity of our sample. The back of the box gives us a little more detail and inside we find the drive suspended in plastic, wrapped in an anti-static bag and bundled with a bracket which allows the drive to fit in systems supporting 7mm and 9.5mm devices.

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