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Synology DiskStation DS213j Review

by Stuart Davidson - 7th May 2013
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Synology DiskStation DS213j Review

Synology DiskStation DS213j Review

In the last few years Synology have gone from a name very few people knew to being an industry leader in network storage devices. Their products for home and business have evolved quickly, each iteration offering new features which enhanced the customer experience and through offering a wide range of devices to suit every need they have maximised sales.

Today Synology are launching the latest of their Home/Small Office DiskStations, the DS213j. A 2 drive NAS it offers a balance of features and performance which should appeal to those looking for their first external storage device, or those looking to upgrade from an older model with more basic functionality.

Packaging and Bundle

Synology use a reasonably plain box for their DS213j and other than a model name sticker it is pretty much identical to their other recent devices. Inside we find the DS213j in its own cardboard container, wrapped in foam with the bundled extras also in their own boxes.

Bundled with the DS213 we find a selection of screws for installing our storage drives. There is a quick guide pamphlet giving us a very high level view of what we need to do to start using the device and Synology have also provided a software CD that includes a full installation guide and user's manual in PDF format. A separate power unit is supplied with the DS213j and Synology have also included a RJ-45 LAN cable. Therefore everything we need to get up and running, other than a hard drive, is included.

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