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Corsair CX600M Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson - 13th May 2013
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Corsair CX600M Power Supply Review

Corsair CX600M Power Supply Review

When building a PC for ourselves or recommending components for others there is one area, more than any other, that is never worth skimping on... the PSU. A cheap, low quality PSU can cause numerous problems in a build from lacking key protection features and random instability to being responsible for taking out other components when it reaches the end of its life in a sizzling mess.

That doesn't mean all low cost PSUs are bad, far from it and for some time now a number of manufacturers have offered a good base level of quality at minimal cost, such as Corsairs CX series. Now looking to mix the decent quality, low cost CX specification with the usually more expensive modular design Corsair have released the CX-m series of PSUs and today we look at one of the top models, the CX600M.

Packaging and Bundle

As far as the packaging goes, there are no surprises here with Corsair sticking to the normal design ethic and just tweaking the colour scheme to black, white and green. It kind of feels like the PSU should be white and green based on this but it's not. Inside we find the PSU surrounded by bubble wrap with the product documentation on top and bundled items off to the side. Included with this PSU is a mains cable, screws and a set of cable ties along with the modular cables.

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