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Thecus N5550 NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson - 21st June 2013
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Thecus N5550 NAS Review

Thecus N5550 NAS Review

With every passing day our lives are becoming more and more digital. Many of us gather more and more content on a daily basis, from music and movie downloads to images and videos we capture on our smartphones but what do you do with it all? For all smartphones and PCs have increased in performance storage has very much been stuck in a rut... take the HTC One as an example, great phone but limited to 32GB for most people.

So what can we do with our ever increasing library of digital content? How can we keep it all in one location and, in theory, safe from faults destroying data? We buy a NAS device and today we are looking at one of those very items, the Thecus N5550 which runs a 64-bit OS, Intel CPU and has space for 5 internal drives and loads more via USB and eSATA.

Packaging and Bundle

Thecus N5550 packaging Thecus N5550 protection
Thecus N5550 bundle

Thecus package their NAS in a large sturdy cardboard box which gives us a decent list of some key features. It has a handle on the lid which is very much needed, more on that later, then inside we find the NAS suspended in foam and wrapped in a protective bag. Bundled with the system is a selection of product documentation, screws/keys, power cable, network cable and software CDs.

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