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Cougar Spike Mini Gaming PC Case Review

by Corin Cole - 1st July 2013
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Cougar Spike Mini Gaming PC Case Review

Cougar Spike Case Review

We would all love to be able to spend hundreds of pounds, euros or dollars on a case to build our system in but the reality is that almost every build has a limited budget which forces us to look at buying components which offer a value price while hopefully not compromising features and quality too much.

With their Spike chassis Cougar look to give us solid build quality and key features in a compact form factor with low price. This could be an ideal purchase for those looking to build a gaming system and put as much of their budget as possible into internal components.

Packaging and Bundle

Cougar Spike box Cougar Spike box
Cougar Spike bundle

Cougar package their Spike case in a cardboard box which gives an outline drawing of the case design with a number of key features listed on the other sides. Inside we find the case suspended in polystyrene and wrapped in a plastic bag with a small manual, speaker and screws/standoffs bundled.

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