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G.Skill Trident X DDR3-2933MHz Memory Review

by Stuart Davidson - 3rd July 2013
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G.Skill Trident X DDR3-2933 CAS 12 - 8GB Kit Memory Review

G.Skill Trident X DDR3-2933Mhz Memory (2x4GB) Review

Last month Intel launched their new "Haswell" range of CPUs, a refresh of their midrange processors and that signalled an opportunity for other manufacturers to release new products designed to take advantage of the new range. That meant new motherboards based on chipsets such as the Z87 and a few of those have proven to be very impressive indeed.

To go with our new Intel Haswell/4th Gen Core CPU and high end Z87 board we also need a bunch of high end memory and that is exactly what G.Skill look to provide with their Trident X 2933MHz sticks.

Packaging and Bundle

G.Skill Trident X box G.Skill Trident X box
G.Skill Trident X bundle

G.Skill package their modules in a plain cardboard box with branding stickers. Inside we find the sticks well protected in cardboard and foam with the bundled items in-between. Those items are the cooling fans) powered by Molex plug), documentation and a case sticker.

G.Skill Trident X modules

G.Skill go down the 2x4GB route for this kit and clock it at 2933 MHz with timings of 12-14-14-35-2T at 1.65v. It is also good to see the use of black PCB to match the black/red heatinks (total height 54mm) and we always appreciate information stickers on the modules which note timing information to make configuration easy for those who prefer manual settings to XMP which these modules also support.

As a final aspect it is also worth noting that for those who need to the red section at the top of the heatsink can be removed. Simply unscrew the screws on each end and slide off...

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