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Silverstone AR03 CPU Air Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson - 2nd October 2013
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Silverstone AR03 CPU Air Cooler Review

Silverstone AR03 CPU Cooler Review

Over the last few weeks we have taken a look at a number of air coolers to see what some of the key manufacturers have to offer in the current market. Our findings? Mainly that there have been some nice entrants to mid/high end cooling who are challenging the old guard in both price and performance. We continue that refresh of our cooler reviews today with a look at one of SilverStones latest models. We last looked at one of their liquid coolers a couple of months ago in the form of the TD03 and were pretty impressed so let's see what the AR03 has to offer...

Packaging and Bundle

Silverstone AR03 boxSilverstone AR03 box

SilverStone go with a bright blue box on the AR03 and give us plenty of useful information about the cooler as well as showing a nice clear image of the product. Inside we find the heatsink suspended in cardboard with the fan on top and items bundled to the side.

Silverstone AR03 bundle

Those items are installation brackets and items for socket 775, 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011 as well as AM2/3/FM1/2. The manual covers installs for AMD/Intel systems and some thermal paste is also included as is a mini spanner and some rubber fan mounts (enough for 2 fans).

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