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OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson - 3rd October 2013
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OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Gaming Power Supply Review

OCZ Fatal1ty Power Supply Review (Professional Series Gaming Gear)

It would be fair to say that our opinion on branded components such as the Fatal1ty range or more recent additions like NAVI memory are that they are simply a marketing gimmick. Very few pro gamers will know what makes a PSU better and when it comes to things like specialised mouse ports that offer the same settings already built into gaming mice... well...

It doesn't seem to hold back sales though and various PR reps have told us over the years that these branded components sell well and that is no doubt one of the reasons why today we are looking at a new revision of OCZ's Fata1ty 750w PSU. The new revision of the OCZ Fatal1ty 750w includes bronze certification, a fully modular design, red LEDs and support for Intel's latest CPUs.

Packaging and Bundle

OCZ stick with the familiar Fatal1ty red and black branding for their packaging and give focus to the red LED fan. Inside we find the PSU surrounded by cardboard with the product documentation on top and bundled items off to the side, contained in a re-usable pouch. Included with this PSU is a mains cable, screws and, of course, the modular cables.

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