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Synology DiskStation DS214 NAS Review

by Craig Humphreys - 16th October 2013
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Synology DiskStation DS214 NAS Review

Synology DiskStation DS214 NAS Review

The NAS market has grown exponentially over the last few years fuelled by peoples ever expanding media collections and personal devices. It is now becoming essential for a backup solution of some description to store our ever growing collection of digital content, both obtained and created. Enter The Cloud, that mythical place up in the sky, that Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. have all taken a slice of and offer up to their customers at varying costs. But can you trust your data on these services? Most likely yes, from loss at least as these companies pride themselves in their infrastructure. Security? Well your data is only as secure as your password... and the security of the company, which, these days with breaches announced all over the show is anyone's guess. Enter Synology and their NAS range, your own personal cloud; sync all your data, documents, photos, media to a single box that is accessible through all devices on your network. Today we look at the brand new DS214, a dual-bay offering aimed at home/small office solutions.

Packaging and Bundle

DS214 packaging DS214 packaging
DS214 packaging DS214 manuals
DS214 bundle

The DS214 arrives in a sturdy cardboard box and inside the device is wrapped in a foam bag, tightly packed in more cardboard. The front is stylised and does not feature a product photo simply the brand. The side however features a product specific sticker, with photo, model number and the key specifications. The bundled items are inside their own cardboard box within the main box, with some items inside plastic bags where appropriate. Included are a quick start guide, power cable/adapter, utility CD, Cat5e Ethernet cable and fixing screws for 2.5" drive installation.

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