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Synology DiskStation DS114 NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson - 22nd October 2013
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Synology DiskStation DS114 NAS Review

Synology DiskStation DS114 NAS Review

Back in 2010 we first became aware of Synology with the release of their DS410j NAS. It was an interesting looking NAS with an OS which already showed signs of impressive functionality, even back on version 2. Soon after, in 2011, Synology refreshed that range with the DS411 running version 3 of their OS which brought us a more desktop like experience and it was clear that they were becoming an industry leader. This trend of yearly updates has continued as did the evolution of the OS and just last week we saw one of their key models for 2014, the DS214, running DSM 4.3.

Today we take a look at the latest entry in Synology's single bay NAS solutions, the DS114. Running the same OS we find on their more advanced models it could be the ideal model for the storage novice to use for their first network based device.

Packaging and Bundle

DS114 packaging DS114 packaging
DS114 bundle

As with most of their devices the Synology DS114 arrives in a sturdy cardboard box and inside the device is wrapped in a foam bag, surrounded by cardboard. There is minimal information about the model on many of the box sides however one does feature a specifications sticker. Inside we find the bundled items in their own cardboard box and they include quick start guide, power cable/adapter, utility CD, Cat5e Ethernet cable and fixing screws for drive installation.

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