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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone Review

by Stuart Davidson - 26th October 2013
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone Review

When we first used the original Galaxy Note it was fair to say that it felt like a device which could revolutionise the smartphone market. It wasn't perfect but it offered a productivity and media consumption experience far superior to other devices of the time. When the Note 2 was launched it improved the spec, enhanced the stylus and soon after, through a software update, offered split screen operation.

Since the release of the Note 2 Samsung have continued to enhance the Galaxy range with the S4, increasing the specification of their flagship model and enhancing the software features too. With that phone well established in the market it was time to refresh the Note series and today that is the focus of our review, the Galaxy Note 3.

Packaging and Bundle

Galaxy Note 3 packagingGalaxy Note 3 packaging

The Note 3 shares the same box design as other recent Galaxy models with a cardboard construction using a fake wood design. It lifts open to reveal the phone, suspended inside and protected by screen and back covers. As is normal for Samsung handsets the front cover usefully details some of the key product features and specifications for the user.

Galaxy Note 3 included bundle

In a separate compartment below the handset we find the product documentation and our bundled extras. These are a USB 3.0 data/charge cable, earphones and a charger with USB socket. Also present are some extra tips for the stylus head and a tool to assist in the change.

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