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EUROCOM Panther 5D High Performance Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 21st November 2013
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Eurocom Panther 5D High Performance Laptop Review

Eurocom Panther 5D Laptop Performance Review

When buying a laptop generally the experience is about finding the best compromise for our needs... and often that is a cost/performance balance. Or maybe a specific size forces us down a route, something which has become a significant aspect with the event of Ultrabooks. Of course right at the other end of the spectrum are desktop replacements and that is where we find todays review product. The Eurocom Panther 5D costs as much as the Canon which shares its name but this high end kit is packed with SLI, Xeon (i7 equivalent) and a bunch of other high end kit. How does it compare to high/mainstream models? Let's find out in some of the latest games as well as productivity tests.

Packaging and Bundle

Eurocom Panther 5D packaging

Our sample of the 5D arrived in a large, plain cardboard box and inside, on top of the system was a set of 3D Vision glasses. Underneath was a separate box for the PSU/battery and the system sits alongside that, suspended in foam and wrapped in a plastic bag.

Eurocom Panther 5D power unitEurocom Panther 5D battery

Eurocom bundle documentation and software discs with their systems (though ours arrived without) and looking at our PSU we find it is a Delta Electronics 330w model. For the battery Eurocom use a 5300mAh Li-Ion battery which is rated at 78.44Wh.

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