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Corsair CS650M Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson - 3rd December 2013
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Corsair CS650M Power Supply Review

Corsair CS650M Power Supply Review

Corsair have long been known for their high quality range of power supplies. Their enthusiast models are class leading and in the mainstream they offer a nice mix of performance and features with models aimed at those who just want a black box and even a range specifically for gamers. Corsair have also had a decent entry level range too and recently they began refreshing that and in the process brought in a new range of units which looked to find a new balance of price, performance and wattage.

Today we take a look at our first CS-M series PSU from Corsair. This is the 650w model and is designed to offer gold efficiency with competitive pricing for builders on a tight budget.

Packaging and Bundle

Corsair stick with their usual style for the CS series packaging, again just tweaking the colour scheme from their other PSUs. Inside the PSU is wrapped in bubblewrap/plastic and sitting beside a bag of extra cables. Also included is the product documentation and mains cable.

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