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CoolerMaster Cosmos S

by WhO_KnOwS - 28th February 2008
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Building on the tried and tested Cosmos 1000, the Coolermaster Cosmos S brings some very welcome improvements, such as an improved cooling solution and a more aggressive look. The king has died, long live the new king? Let us find out.

Before we take a closer look at the case, let us review the official specifications of the Cosmos S:

Color Chassis Appearance: Black, Bezel: Black
Dimensions (W) 266 x (H) 598 x (D) 628 mm
Weight Net Weight:13.8 kg; Gross Weight: 17.8 kg
Material Chassis: AL, Appearance: AL ( Side Panel: 1.5mm AL )
Motherboard type Extended ATX, ATX
5.25˝ drive bay 7 (Exposed)
3.5˝drive bay 4 Hidden ( converted from one 4-in-3 HDD module x 1 )
Expansion slots 7
Cooling system

Front fan (intake) : 120x120x25 mm x 1, 1200 rpm,
17 dBA, included)

Top fan (exhaust): 120x120x25 mm x 1, 1200 rpm,
17 dBA (included)

Top (exhaust): 120 mm x 1 (optional)

Rear fan (exhaust): 120x120x25 mm x 1, 1200 rpm,
17 dBA (included)

Side fan (intake) : 200x230x30 mm x 1 , 900 rpm (included)

I/O Panel

USB 2.0 x 4, IEEE 1394 x 1, eSATA x 1 , SPK x 1, Audio x 1, (Support Intel HD Audio)

Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V ( optional )


The Cosmos S is supplied in a very attractive looking box. Inside, held firmly in place by two Styrofoam pieces the case is secured by a cloth bag. This ensures that no foreign object can scratch the surface of the device and also allows users to secure the case for transport at a later date. Supplied with the case are all the required screws, two extension plates used to install a 5th 3.5˝device and the aforementioned extension cables. Also supplied are self-adhesive cable ties.

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