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Alienware Area-51 m9750

by Stuart Davidson - 5th March 2008
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Video Conversion
Our video conversion test uses VSO Software’s ConvertXtoDVD software. This application takes advantage of all four cores on each processor and allows us to convert almost any video file format to DVD. Our test file was a 104Mb, 720p .mkv file lasting two minutes forty-six seconds.

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Music Conversion
Our music conversion test takes a 15 track lossless album and converts it using CD-DA convertor into 128Kbps Mp3 format.

Don't have flash installed? then click here for a jpeg

The m9750 puts in a strong showing in the music encoding test and finishes in five minutes and twenty seconds which compares favourably to many desktop chips. For example a 2.66GHz E6700 completes the same test approximately thirty seconds faster so we do not lose too much time on this task. Where there is a slight negative is in video encoding which often takes advantage of Quad core desktop processors, in this area the Alienware is significantly slower than a midrange desktop though it is still no slouch and converts our test file at nearly real time speeds.

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