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9800 GX2 Quad/8800 Ultra 3x SLI + ESA

by Stuart Davidson - 24th March 2008
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Last week we brought you coverage of the new nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset along with the 9800 GX2. Within that article we would have liked to include benchmarks of the GX2 in an SLI Quad configuration but due to a rather bizarre decision by Nvidia they asked all partners to withhold Quad performance until today. Members of the public could have bought two of these cards and used Quad Sli themselves, so the decision was for all intents and purposes, utterly ridiculous.

Anyway, today we can tell you how Quad SLI performs but we want to do more than that so we will be taking our first look at 3-Way SLI using three 8800 Ultras and finally we will be testing in a fully ESA compatible system... case, cooling... the works. If you have money to burn, this is where you find out just how fast you can go.

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