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Midrange Graphics Card Round Up

by Stuart Davidson - 11th April 2008
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Asus EN9600GT

There is little detailed information about the 9600 GT on the Asus box but what we do learn is that the card comes bundled with a DVI to HDMI dongle and a cooler which differs to the reference model. Inside the box we do indeed find the HDMI adapter as well as all of the standard items and a guide on how to connect for HDMI use.

The Asus 9600 GT has a nice blue PCB which works well with the gold cooler. Like the other 9600’s in this review the Asus card has an SLI connector along the top edge and a single 6pin power socket at the rear. This model uses the reference clocks of 650MHz core, 1625MHz shader and 900MHz memory. All of the memory chips used here (K4J52324QE-BJ1A, 1.0ns) are placed on the front of the card and air from the cooler passes over them, no heatsinks are used.

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