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Avivo HD Vs Purevideo HD

by Stuart Davidson - 16th April 2008
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To see or not to see that is the question ...

Every time a new graphics card is released we hear great claims about how the new video enhancements will improve our viewing experience or that the hardware is as perfect as it can get in the High Definition HQV Benchmark. Unfortunately, for many reasons most end users have to pretty much accept these claims as it is not really possible for the average consumer to set up two identical systems, side by side and see what the differences are. Additionally most reviews are just the opinion of a single person with no clear examples and can be hugely subjective, even in HQV tests.

But what if you could see the image quality of both ATI and Nvidia’s High Definition content, in full HD, on your screen, today? What would it tell you about how these two companies perform in real world use rather than a synthetic benchmark?

Well today you can do that. Here at Driver Heaven we have spent a considerable amount of time working through the various hurdles that stop most people from capturing images from HD-DVD and Blu-Ray and we are now ready to make the results available for everyone.

But first let us just remind ourselves about the ATI and Nvidia performance and features when playing High Definition content.

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