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Akasa Vortexx Neo

by Zardon - 4th August 2008
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Akasa have been in operation for a number of years now and are a well known name throughout the industry. They are best known for their cooling solutions and power supply units which are primarily aimed to performance oriented enthusiast users.

Modern GPU chips have ever growing cooling needs, especially under overclocked conditions. Reference coolers aren't always able to keep up with the heat dissipation demands of these chips and the user may be able to get a lot more out of their card with the purchase of a more sophisticated cooling solution. Today we're going to look at the Akasa Vortexx Neo, which claims to combine high thermal performance with low noise levels.

Packaging and Contents

The Akasa arrives in a smartly designed box with a plastic window in the shape of the cooler to show off the Vortexx Neo's attractive design ethic.

When opened, there is a plastic tray (with a cover) that slides out of the box, this is molded to fit the cooler as well as a bag with the various other contents inside it. There is also a manual inside the box with installation directions and other necessary information related to the cooler. Inside the small plastic bag there are 4 nuts and washers for mounting the cooler (and 2 spare washers), an adaptor to connect the 3-pin fan connector directly to the PSU, a small packet of thermal grease, and thermo-conductive pads for the memory chips.

The back of the box displays the compatible VGA card hole dimensions, but fails to address the problem of cards with non reference layouts, so be sure that your card doesn't have any capacitors sitting in the way of the heatsink base if you plan on purchasing it. Also listed on the back of the box is a comparison in sound and cooling levels to two HD3870 stock coolers, and a diagram displaying the air flow.

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