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Novatech X80r Pro Laptop

by Stuart Davidson - 21st August 2008
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Bios and Initial Setup

The X80r uses a Phoenix based bios which is very easy to navigate and has all of the standard options we would expect such as boot order. There is however one section which is not particularly standard for a portable system, basic overclocking options. On the Advanced screen are voltage and multiplier which give us a decent level of control over the processor speed.

From playing about with these options we were able to raise the X9000 CPU in our system to 3.0GHz whilst maintaining full stability.

When first turning on the machine and booting into windows we are presented with a few configuration screens which allow us to choose options like keyboard layout and username and then within a few seconds we are at the Windows Desktop. At this point things can often go a little bit downhill with laptops as there can be a lot of useless software installed with the machine, but Novatech add a trial of Microsoft Office and a small gadget on the sidebar giving store information. No clutter and exactly the way a build should be really.


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