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Hiper Osiris Case

by Stuart Davidson - 17th September 2008
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A few months ago we reviewed the Hiper Anubis, a high end case which won our Editors Choice award. Overall the case was excellent but there were a few aspects which held it back from being a gold award winning product.

Today we have the latest case from Hiper on our test bench, the Osiris. This model features many of the same features which made the Anubis great but Hiper have taken feedback from the older version and made numerous tweaks to the overall design. Today we will find out if the changes are for the better.

Packaging & Bundle

Hiper certainly know how to design packaging and as a result we have one of the most informative boxes we have seen. There is a nice clear picture of the case and various useful information on the chassis which ensure consumers are well informed about the product.

The bundle provided with the Osiris is one of the best we have received with a case, if not the best. Neatly packed inside a pouch are various small bags of items such as screws and each is labelled to ensure we know where to use them. Also supplied are a keyring, cable ties and a set of PCI brackets. These brackets are more important than normal as they signify one of the changes Hyper have made since the Anubis. On the older model the PCI brackets could not be re-installed when removed and so if changing cards regularly it was not long before there were open slots at the rear of the case. Supplying these brackets with the Osiris means we can replace covers after use which is ideal.
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