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Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse

by Grace - 14th October 2008
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Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse

At first glance, the Razer Salmosa doesn't look like much more than an ordinary USB mouse. It is a simple all black mouse with two large buttons and a wheel. There aren't any side or extra buttons, which are very common nowadays. The Salmosa is very smooth to the touch, while the large buttons are very soft and easy to work with for many hours. It is also very light and glides on most surfaces very easily, as if there is no friction between it and the surface at all. The symmetrical design of the mouse also makes it comfortable to use by right and left handed people.

Razer's logo can be seen at the front part of the Salmosa, creating a nice contrast against the all-black body of the mouse. At the bottom of the Salmosa you will notice the high quality gliding tapes, the 1800DPI laser sensor and two switches. The switch to the left controls the DPI resolution and you can choose between 800DPI and 1800DPI, while the switch to the right controls the polling rate and you can choose between 125, 500 and 1000Hz. These controls are certainly welcome and useful, but on-the-fly switches would be far more useful as it certainly isn't practical to turn over a mouse and flip a switch in the middle of a game.

The configuration software is very simple and straightforward. The Salmosa is a simple mouse so there aren't many tuning options besides typical settings such as the wheel scrolling speed and double click speed. Sensitivity is the most important setting you can adjust and it is necessary if you want to fine tune the super-lightweight Salmosa for maximum precision.
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