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Intel Core i7 & Asus Rampage 2 Extreme

by Stuart Davidson - 1st November 2008
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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock... those are the terms that Intel use to describe their product release schedule and today we are reviewing the Core i7, a Tock to the Penryn Core 2’s Tick.
We know what you are thinking...

‘So it’s just a refresh of the Core 2?’ Well no....

‘It's another quad core processor, Core 2 can’t be that much slower?’ You may well be wrong there too...

‘Ok then, the CPU may be a better performer, but surely the motherboard and various components like memory don’t work or perform much differently... after all DDR3 can’t really perform much better, can it?’ Once again you could well be in for a shock...

Join us for our review as we cover why the Core i7 is such a great improvement over Core 2 as we put it though numerous tests against the best of the socket 775 CPU’s, the QX9770. Testing includes real world comparisons in Photoshop, media encoding, 3d rendering, gaming and high definition playback to name but a few areas. In addition to this we will also look at the best motherboard you are likely to see in some time and if that is not enough, how about some overclocking of the new platform thrown in for fun, can we hit 4GHZ on air? Time to find out...

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