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QPAD XT-R Gaming Surface

by Stuart Davidson - 14th November 2008
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QPAD - XT-R Gaming Surface

QPAD are a company based in Sweden and as their name suggests their product line is essentially based around mouse pads although they do offer a couple of other items such as lanyards and wristbands.

Before receiving an email from the QPAD press relations team we have to be honest and say that they were not a company we were aware of. The product sent to us to review is the QPAD XT-R which is a gaming grade mouse surface and we have been using it for this task and general use over the past couple of months, today we can tell you how it has performed.


QPAD package their product in a metal tin which has a small sleeve containing some marketing information. Inside the tin is a foam section which protects the pad during shipping and when carrying to LAN events or a friend’s house. Bundled with the pad are two further items. The first is a set of Q branded stickers and the second are a few mouse feet from the Glidz range that the company offers. These small feet add an extra smoothness to the feel of the mouse when applied to the base and come in a generic form or models which are designed for specific mice such as the Razer Deathadder or Logitech G10. A full list of Glidz models for specific devices is shown below:

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