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Gigabyte EP45-DS3R Motherboard

by Nathan Marks - 18th November 2008
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To test the overclocking capability of the motherboard we increased the CPU voltage and then adjusted the frequency of the FSB to its highest point where the system was stable. For the test the CPU multiplier was lowered to its minimum of 6x.

  Stable FSB Achieved
Gigabyte EP45-DS3R 505
Asus P5Q-E 495

Once again the Gigabyte board did not let us down managing to pip the Asus P5Q-E in the stable FSB test. When continued past 505 the machine started freezing on post or locking up once into the operating system.

With the above settings in place we ran a memory bandwidth test again in SiSoft Sandra to observe the gains of the overclock.

  Mem Int (gb/s) Mem Float (gb/s)
Stock 266MHz*8 5.22 5.25
O/C 505MHz*7 7.26 7.34

The memory bandwidth was increased by 39%-40% after using the 505MHz FSB, a great number for the board and adds to its great all around performance.
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