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Antec Skeleton

by Nathan Marks - 19th November 2008
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On first sight, the Antec Skeleton looks like some sort of science fiction insect, with its arched grey frame and 250mm fan sitting on top. It presents a striking pose and the design is certainly futuristic.

Basically it is an open air case design which should allow for brilliant airflow and cooling. The frame is constructed from steel reinforced ABS and the component tray consists of 0.8mm cold rolled steel. The unit tips the scales at 7.02kg, a refreshing change from some of the full towers we’ve looked at recently.

The Skeleton’s major disadvantage is clear from the start; the open air design leaves room for a number of accidents to happen. It would be easy for objects to fall into the frame or liquids to spill over into it. The design could also lead to dust building up in unventilated areas.

At the top of the case is the 250mm fan which has a switch for 3 different speeds; 800rpm, 600rpm, and 400rpm. The fan blows directly over the whole motherboard tray and should provide better cooling than a traditional open air setup.

Additionally, the fan has a multicoloured LED setup which looks fantastic.

On the front just below the fan is a horizontal panel housing the power/reset buttons, audio jacks, firewire, USB and eSATA ports.

Running across the back is the plastic bracket for screwing in the expansion cards and the mesh panels on the sides are also removable.

There isn’t much else to say about the exterior, as the rest of what’s visible on the outside, is actually the interior.

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