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Sapphire 4550 and 4650 GFX

by Nathan Marks - 26th November 2008
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We’ve had the chance to look at quite a broad range of ATI’s new products in recent months and all of their R700 based cards have impressed us. While the most notable products have been cards such as the 4850 and 4870 X2 you can’t ignore what they’ve been providing for mainstream users. While many of us find pouring money into expensive hardware a way of life and a necessity, there are millions of people out there who are in the market for much cheaper pieces of kit.

Last month we looked at a 4550 sample from ATI, it proved to be a great budget card and earned our top award. Now we’ve got our hands on another 4550 from Sapphire, along with their 4650 model.

Both cards are close in regards to pricing so it will be interesting to ascertain where they stand in comparison. We’ve always been pleased with Sapphire’s dedication and passion recently (4850 X2) so hopefully we’ll be looking at more quality products from them today.

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