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by Nathan Marks - 9th December 2008
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It is almost impossible to imagine modern society without the mouse. Sure, we could all be sitting here typing away on command lines but the GUI and the mouse have created an invaluable convenience for the masses. The first compact mouse was invented in 1962 and by today’s standards would be considered quite primitive. The design used two wheels which made contact with the surface to register movement across the X and Y axis. As mice became more advanced we saw the introduction of the mechanical ball mouse by Xerox PARC, which was in turn followed by the optical mouse years later.

We see all sorts of mice on the market now, many targeted at specific sectors and audiences. Today we’re going to look at the HandshoeMouse, an ergonomic mouse which aims to allow the user’s hand to relax and reduce muscular tension in the hands and arms.


The HandshoeMouse is available in deep black, pearly white, and high tech transparent. Just plug and play, no Mac or PC drivers needed!

Connection: USB 1.1, USB Type-B connector on mouse
Controls: 2 buttons at ergonomic position and scroll wheel
Scroll Wheel: Fitted with switch
Mechanism: 800 DPI Optical
Systems: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP or Vista. Max OS 9 or Max OS X. Unix.
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