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AMD Athlon 7750 Black Edition and Asus M3A78-T

by Stuart Davidson - 12th December 2008
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Celeron E1400

AMD tell us that the Athlon 7750 will be priced around £60 when released and therefore we can get a good baseline on performance with a Celeron E1400 which retails at around the £50 mark. We do not recommend that you see the processors as direct competition as the Celeron will likely fall a little in price with the Athlon retaining its price for some time.

The Celeron E1400 uses the Conroe core, also used by the Core 2 range, and is a 65nm dual core Processor using socket 775. The core voltage is 1.25v and this is a 65w model. We have a 2000MHz clockrate on this processor using an 800MHz FSB and 10x multiplier. Cache levels sit at 2x32kb L1 Data and Instruction and 512kbytes of Level 2. Finally, this processor is 64 bit compatible and supports SSE levels up to version 3.

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