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World Of Warcraft Steelseries MMO Mouse

by Nathan Marks - 14th December 2008
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Originally released on November 23rd 2004, World of Warcraft was one of the most highly anticipated games to be released and has been praised by every major publication since its release.  

The game has expanded exponentially, with the number of active subscriptions now at around the 11 million mark ... this is a lot of income every month for Blizzard! The following expansions repeated the success of the original and Wrath of the Lich King became the fastest selling PC game of all time selling 2.8 million copies in the first 24 hours of release. To put this number into perspective, it took Spore two weeks to reach the 2 million mark. Our sister site Gamingheaven has published several WOW reviews including the new expansion pack: Wrath Of the Lich King.

SteelSeries are a company that every gamer has heard of creating some of the best accessories in the business from headsets and keyboards to gaming gloves. Today we’re going to look at a brand new product from them, the SteelSeries WoW gaming mouse. Designed in conjunction with Blizzard, this is a mouse designed specifically for use in World of Warcraft.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Software Specifications
- World of Warcraft® branded GUI
 - Assign World of Warcraft® commands
- Develop custom macros (up to 160 characters)
- Adjust DPI and standard mouse settings
- Adjust illumination colour, effects and intensity
- Independently adjust x and y-axis sensitivity
- Real-time profile switching
- Import and export profiles

Technical Specifications
- Max. resolution: 3200 DPI
- Max. acceleration: 20 g
- Max. speed: 65 inches/second
- Max. USB report rate: 1000 hz / 1ms
- USB data format: 16-bit
- USB interface: Full speed
- Sleep mode: Disabled (Always On)

System Requirements
- Windows Vista™, Windows® XP, or Windows® 2000
- 100 MB Free Hard Drive Space
- 128 MB RAM
- Available USB port

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