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X58 Motherboard Round-Up January 09

by Stuart Davidson - 9th January 2009
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Foxconn BloodRage BIOS

Foxconn use a Phoenix BIOS on this board but it features a similar layout to most other boards. Enthusiast options are found in the Quantum BIOS screen and Foxconn essentially give us control over every aspect of the board. In addition to the number of options available the range of settings within many of the options is also impressive; CPU voltage for example can be set to nearly 2.6v, ideal for those with extreme cooling solutions. Unfortunately this BIOS still lacks an automated utility and we are forced to boot from a floppy to flash outside Windows but on the plus side there are two BIOS chips on this board which allow us one for our stable settings and one for pushing the board to its limits.

Full BIOS screens can be downloaded HERE.
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