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GTX 295 & GTX 285 Graphics Cards

by Stuart Davidson - 28th January 2009
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Introduction and Delays

During CES 2009 Nvidia launched the latest cards in their GeForce range, the GTX 285 and 295. The 285 is essentially a refresh of the existing GTX 280 with a reduction in the core size and reduced power requirements. The GTX 295 is their latest dual GPU design, the first card since the 9800 GX2 to support Quad SLI. Rather than rush out a half assed review to meet Nvidia’s tight timescales for this launch, we opted to delay our article and ensure it was as informative as we could make it.

The result is that what you are about to read should cover any questions you have about the new Nvidia products. From gaming to Blu-Ray playback, Overclocking and Thermal Performance to the internal workings of the GTX 295, we have it covered. We also deal with video Transcoding and PhysX performance and for the hard core overclockers among you we pair the cards with a Core-i7 at 4.5GHz. All our games are fully updated as of the day of publication, including the new GTAIV 1.0.2 patch.
Are the cards worth your money? That is exactly what we aim to find out today.
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