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GTX 295 & GTX 285 Graphics Cards

by Stuart Davidson - 28th January 2009
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GTX 295 Quad SLI with Core i7 @ 4.5GHz

We go to great lengths when deciding on sections of gameplay to benchmark in our reviews to ensure that they are limited by the CPU as little as possible. This does not mean that the CPU is unimportant in the test system and so it is interesting to see the performance which can be achieved with the fastest CPU possible. It also helps us get an indication of how well the cards will perform in the future when CPUs reach the same level as our overclock.

Our choice of Foxconn Blood Rage motherboard for this review was in part specifically aimed at this page. It is the board which, when combined with the CoolIT Domino, has allowed us to reach our highest Core-i7 speed. That speed is 4.482GHz by combining a 27 multiplier with 166MHz bus.

Here are the results achieved with a CPU overclock of 1.3GHz over reference.

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