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MSI GT725 Laptop

by Nathan Marks - 2nd March 2009
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MSI GT725 - What's Inside?

Underneath the bottom panel you can clearly see all the major components sitting in their respective locations.

Powering the machine is a 2.53Ghz 45nm Penryn core, the Core 2 Duo P9500. This is a respectable processor for the machine and a wise choice. It strikes a good balance between performance and battery efficiency. To sweeten the deal however, MSI have given the option to have a little more oomph from the processor. If you’re plugged into the grid, pressing the Turbo button that we mentioned earlier gives you a generous 400Mhz increase in clock speed which can make quite a difference in some applications … this is illustrated in our Photoshop benchmark later on.

The system has 2 sticks of DDR2-800 memory totalling 4 GB. Unfortunately the system only ships with the 32 bit version of Vista and MSI have no plans to release this particular model with the 64 bit OS. This means that despite having 4GB of RAM in the system, Windows only has access to around 3.5Gb which is quite disappointing.

One of the unique features with this system is the HD4850, a great performer from prior testing and a big selling point for MSI. The core and 512mb of GDDR3 memory are clocked at 500MHz and 850Mhz respectively.

In the corner is the 500gb 5,400 RPM drive for all your data storage needs.

In addition to the primary components, the laptop boasts internal features such as Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.
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