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MSI GT725 Laptop

by Nathan Marks - 2nd March 2009
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Startup & Testing

Upon starting the machine and booting up for the first time you are presented with the option to create two recovery discs, a quick and effortless process that allows you to restore the system back to the original state. Conveniently, MSI have included two blank discs in the bundle so you are not required to provide your own.

The GT725 doesn’t come with too many preinstalled applications and most will provide value to a lot of users such as DVD burning software and Bluetooth options. Unfortunately the system ships with Norton software which is far from the best solution in our view.

Software Used for Testing

Catalyst 8.12 (Pre-installed)
Call of Duty: World at War
Left 4 Dead 
Crysis Warhead 
Race Driver: Grid
Everest Ultimate
SiSoft Sandra Business Pro
Cinebench R10 32 bit
Adobe Photoshop CS4
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