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Shure SE530PTH Headphones

by Zardon - 6th March 2009
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Audio excellence

People have asked me why we don’t review audio equipment on DriverHeaven very often and the answer is really quite simple, we don’t often get the time and prefer to spend our resources testing the latest PC based components. To be fair sometimes we make an exception such as when we were offered the formidable THX developed Mako Speakers from Razer.

I have always had a passion for audio equipment and in my younger years I spent a huge portion of my yearly salary searching for the highest quality sound possible. This involved me purchasing a Krell Amplifier, a limited edition custom made Marantz CD player and Dali Grand Coupe speakers. When you took into consideration the stands, the pure copper biwired and biamped cabling and the isolation plinths it cost me in excess of £25k, a huge investment for a young designer.

Times and priorities have changed for me, I am content now with an Ipod and ripping my own CD’s from itunes at a decent bitrate - heck I even purchase tracks from itunes plus when the need arises. I still have a good ear for quality however and am always amazed at how shockingly bad the majority of in ear headphones are especially those that come bundled with most players.

Today we will take a look at a set of In ear headphones which have been receiving critical acclaim since they were released. Are these rather expensive phones set to redefine expectations of in ear entertainment?

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