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Rosewill R901-P Case

by Nathan Marks - 8th April 2009
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Rosewill R901-P - Exterior

The Rosewill R901-P is a mid tower case with a relatively simple design as you can see from the exterior shot above. The only embellishments on the core .7mm cold rolled steel chassis is the plastic front fascia with a total of 9 drive bay covers towering from top to bottom.

Only 6 of the drive bay covers are actually functional, the remaining three at the bottom of the machine simply serve to cover the integrated HDD cage and 120mm front intake.

The front port is hidden behind a small plastic flap at the bottom of the case which is incredibly flimsy – I can imagine the audio jacks and two USB ports might find themselves permanently exposed within a relatively short amount of time.

Moving to the back of the case reveals no surprises and the rear simply consists of the PSU mounting slot, I/O panel and the location of the rear 120mm exhaust fan. The panel is also vented alongside the PCI-E slots which should help slightly in releasing the hot air out of the chassis.

Top mounted 120mm exhaust fan

While the right side panel is completely plain, the left cover provides an opportunity to mount an additional intake or exhaust fan over the GPU section and the CPU area if you remove the preinstalled shroud, designed for use with the Intel and AMD reference heatsinks.
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