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We’re always happy to look at Asus products at Driverheaven, time after time we receive things from them which really are top quality so when they offered us their 7800GTX we immediately accepted. Thinking back to excellent products such as the V9999 Gamer Edition or the Extreme AX800XT it was clear that this product had a lot to live up to, did it manage? Lets see…

The Asus Geforce Extreme N7800 GTX TOP

The GTX top comes in the usual huge box with vibrant colours that we have come to expect from Asus, as always the important information on the product is noted on the box so you know exactly what you are getting.

Inside the box we find a huge bundle as with previous high end Asus graphics cards. As well as the power cable and DVI converter you get the driver cd and a collection of software (e.g. DVD player) and games such as Chaos League and Second Sight.

The other item in the bundle is the TV in/out adapter. Asus provide an all in one block which provides TV in/out component and s-video connectors and HDTV output connectors.



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