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SSD Roundup June 2009

by Stuart Davidson - 23rd June 2009
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Black Magic Disk Speed

Black Magic Design make a number of industry leading video capture cards, including those which can capture HD material at very high data rates. As a result having a disk with a fast write speed is essential. To aid users in configuring their system for optimal captures Black Magic include a utility with their hardware which records the real world disk speed and gives the framerate available for that speed.

Using the Black Magic tool we can see that for read speeds the Intel drive maintains the excellent performance that we saw in the Sandra test where as the other drives have dipped a little in performance. Super Talents UltraDrive is still one of the more impressive performers; especially on read however on write it falls a little below the OCZ Summit drive. This test also shows us the benefits which can be achieved by adding extra capacity/chips on the same controller as the Super Talent drive outperforms the G.Skill Falcon on write speeds despite both using the Indilinx Barefoot. It should be noted however that the 128 GB Falcon would also perform better than the 64 GB thanks to the additional channels/chips available on that model.

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