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SSD Roundup June 2009

by Stuart Davidson - 23rd June 2009
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Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Media Encoder is another real world application and for this test we are running a 1920x1080 .avi file through the utility and converting it to H.264. The drives are all acting as the source and destination for the files to create a demanding scenario.

When encoding video it is possible to see the benefits of SSDs over the older mechanical drives as every one of our SSDs completes the test faster than a Western Digital Raptor. Looking at the Kingston V-Series as an example we can see that in this short test this value orientated SSD finishes 20 seconds faster than the Raptor. Intel and OCZ are even more impressive, both knocking 1minute off the Raptor time. For those who regularly convert video this could translate to a significant time saving.

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