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SSD Roundup June 2009

by Stuart Davidson - 23rd June 2009
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Crysis Warhead load times

For our gaming tests we have taken two approaches to testing these drives. In the first test we have run each through a section of gameplay on World in Conflict. The setting used was 2560x1600 with 4x anti-aliasing and 4x anisotropic filtering. Our second test combines the time taken to launch Crysis Warhead and reach the EA logo plus the time taken to load a save game.

In the gaming performance test we see that there is little benefit to use to using an SSD and other than the minimum FPS figure the WD Raptor is actually very slightly faster than the other drives. Crysis Warhead load times are a different story though with the Intel, G.Skill, OCZ and Super Talent all offering noticeably faster performance than the Raptor. The Kingston V-Series does finish slightly quicker also but it would be hard to notice when actually using the drive.

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