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Asus W90Vp Laptop

by Nathan Marks - 24th July 2009
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Asus W90VP - A Closer Look (cont.)

Sitting flush and surrounded by a glossy black frame is the massive 18.4" 1920x1080 WUXGA display. The brightness is extremely respectable for such a large laptop display and horizontal viewing angles are excellent with only slight colour saturation visible. The only gripe that some people will have with the display is the ultra-glossy finish which can be highly reflective in certain conditions, leading to many distractions.

The keyboard in the W90 is a full size unit with a slightly condensed number pad (the keys are noticeably thinner). The keyboard offers a pleasant typing experience and feels very spacious, however we would have liked a little more tension and travel in the keys as in its current state the action just feels a little weak. Another problem I find with the keyboard area is with the multimedia touch control panel situated on the left hand side. While it looks nice and actually works relatively well when in use, it is easily accidentally triggered while playing games, especially the volume control. We couldn't find any straight forward method of locking the panel either. There is also a touch panel above the keyboard which provides brightness adjustment and various shortcuts. Fortunately this panel is well out of harms way.

In terms of physical connectivity Asus have provided a variety of options. On the sides of the device we have a total of 4 USB ports, audio jacks, VGA and HDMI outputs, a Firewire port and an eSATA port. There is also an 8 in 1 card reader, Blu-Ray DVD combo drive and an express card slot. Wireless connectivity includes Draft-n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.
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